How Investors, Marketers, Founders Build Unicorn Copycats or “Me too”Startups 101

Look, any investor or founder raising funds, allocating funds, or just looking to raise funds should read this. When we begin to raise $10 – 40 Million in the face of uncertainty…we may run an investment thesis based on “me…

BJM: How To Get Service Business, Financial Service Marketing and Strategy Right 101

To you service businesses, CPAs, Professional Service Providers, Construction Service, Financial Service who have allocated their savings or other people’s money to a venture with a plan—strategic plan, then this will definitely help. We live in a hyper-competitive world. Simply playing the commodity game and the “make-it-up-as-you-go” game are just recipes for future business challenges. This content would hopefully get you thinking better about your service business strategy.

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So let’s begin.

Todays marketing is so complicated and overwhelming,…you literally need an army to do great work and you allocating resources to a poorly designed service marketing strategy is like building the world’s tallest building on paper.

BJM: Small Medium Commercial Design & Build Business Needs Sales Marketing Boost

So You Run A Small Medium Commercial Design & Build Business That Needs Marketing Boost

 I, Emmanuel “Manny” , have gone through the trouble to write this insight to impress someone “Big” and as well as demonstrate to construction / commercial and home service businesses that their sales & marketing is not a lot fundamentally different from other business services.

The following insights are meant to be pretty general so if you are looking for more advance and personalized thoughts, contact us. Whatsapp us or visit:

In the general contractor role, sure there are some regulatory standards to follow, tax & legal precautions. material handling guidelines, manpower supervision, insurance, best practice processes as well as considering the economical climate.

I’ve always wondered around home depot, huge building suppliers warehouses, and wonder how they service the multitude of home service and commercial services design & build contractors and the numerous sub-contractors rushing to pickup tools and material. It’s a beautiful sight early in the morning.

What usually comes to mind is that, the reality is that each one of those service providers needs to follow the same processes. Figure out a way for prospects to go to you first before your competitors, figure out your estimate, figure out who you have for manpower, so you can complete the job on time and on budget, and get it done the clients satisfaction.

I don’t claim to have all answers for general contractors design & build service businesses. However If you feel you are weak in the modern digital marketing area, it’s important to seek training or the assistance of experts or partners. Because the more competitive an industry is the more sales, business development, people development and marketing becomes the difference maker.

BJM: Generate More Leads For Your Service Business 101

I will bet you that in an organization of thousands of employees, majority of employees will be indifferent to how their company generates the leads that then convert to paying clients which then pays their salaries.

I say this because the people that have to hunt for sales are facing more stress, pressure, change, and urgency to deliver the results. It’s even several times harder if you are a freelancer, small business owner, solo-preneur, mom-preneur, independent rep, professional service provider.

So I, Manny, and the BJ Mannyst team (marketing service provider) thought lets just put together a really simple lead generating ideas for service providers.

We also realized that the more simple it is the likelihood it would create more competition in the marketplace. Clearly, it’s still a mysterious mapping procedure to precisely know what factors lead to quality leads.

Maybe the A.I, Machine Learning, Marketing Automation can help get to more gold treasure chests instead of the still unpredictable outcome situations.

Quick Tip: If any or all of the following sucks in your lead generating effort, get help immediately: content marketing, copy-writing, ads, website, apps, email marketing, call-to-action, A/B testing, branding, images, strategy, company name, product name, service proposition, market size, events, sponsorship, landing pages, lead process, service delivery, moral-compass, forms, database, crm etc

Quick Reality: See the thing also is that B2B, B2C, B2G, etc. world is filled with numerous choices. There are thousands of flavors for MarTech, FinTech, CRM, ERP, CMP, Cyber Security, HRTech, SocialTech, Graphic Designers, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Data Management, Hosting, Events, Apps, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud, Social Media providers, hair-stylist, restaurants,etc that decision making has become a game of finding “Mr. Right”. No business wants to get it wrong. No consumer wants to get it wrong.

Quick Thought: Maybe the future way to, unfortunately, beat out the competition is by purchasing more access or purchasing more competitive advantages. I know for sure the simple tips listed below would be helpful however the smart money is saying if I tip the beautiful waitress prior to my ordering I may be able to guarantee a great experience for myself and my clients. If I help enough people achieve their goals, I will achieve my business goals. If I buy the Washington Post, I can promote my best selling goods, cloud services, spaceship, and Prime membership far cheaper over time than my competitors.


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BJM: Marketing Automation For SMB Service Businesses 101

For a moment you might be thinking hasn’t someone or a company like SalesForce / Marketo/ Hubspot/ Oracle / etc. covered this topic before? Or Why would you want to read this content instead of googling all day long for educational material? My unconventional side would say, “I don’t write and educate like everyone”. And my conventional side would say, because I’m not overly educated and exposed to this subject, I can provide a fresh and simpler view for people not too tech literate. And because setting up and maintaining automation systems should not be taking lightly if you value your bottom line.

I present these information due to the fact the world, organizations, founders need ways to analyze which approaches help them acquire opportunities and which ones are just a waste. Also helping anyone to maintain the relationships they already have.

Like many of you, you may have delayed full scale marketing automation or delayed exploring the new ways of doing business because you weren’t ready or because it involve a lot of headaches.

The reality today is that without some form of marketing automation you are just leaving your business future success to chance or to unproven processes. Just hoping your marketing and your sales will hit home runs when you step-up to bat is just child’s talk, all fantasy.  

Like you, we wanted to improve more and grow more. Plus, we wanted to educate others before jumping in. If you are a service business that has thoughts and questions on this subject or marketing, contact us or use the form provided below.

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